Neglected blogging

Hey everyone.
I haven’t written a blog post in months because, well I have a real life too but mostly because I’m lazy. The only reason I’ve decided to post a little update is kind of had a resolution – no not a New Years resolution – to write nonsense and present it to the Internet. So here I am not knowing what to write about.
My new job is good, even though I’m still in the getting used to everything phase. Life is good! I’m happy and apparently when I’m happy I have no need to blabber to strangers.
I’m hungry so this is going to be it for now. I hope to write something soon just out of sheer happiness ๐Ÿ™‚


First month at the new job

Hey everyone,
it’s been a while since I’ve posted something. My life was kind of crazy the past 2 months. Well not the first one I had all of October off and just enjoyed doing nothing, relaxing and focusing on myself. November was busy though. I started my new job on the second of November. For those of you who’d like to read up on how I got the job and what led to it you can read it here.
It turns out my new boss is really a nice guy and he was just acting all mean to figure me out in the interview. When he told me on the first day what’s expected of me and what my work is supposed to be it was 3 sentences. Figure out how everything works. Collect data and create reports. And then tell me what we can do to better ourselves. :O That can mean everything and nothing. I chose to interpret it very positively. I am able to be 100% creative and not be limited by someone elses ideas and rules. Pretty much all my working life I have been creating reports and writing database queries. So I thought hey I can do this, I just have to get to know the data a bit and how everything works together. WRONG. There is no basis for reporting there. I have to create a database and datamodels and tables and stored procedures from scratch. Yes I have created tables before and I have written SPs but never have I had to design a database. To quote Barney Stinson “Challenge Accepted!”.
So the first 2 weeks I spent reading up on the company. Browsing through the intranet and reading the internal wiki. Then I set myself a goal to design the DB in the next week and then fill in data from the different data sources the fourth week. It’s now the end of the 4th week and all I have is half a database and sql code snippets of how I plan to fill the tables I have already created. A bit frustrating compared to the goals I have set myself. On the other hand I have never done this before and it’s quite a complex subject so I should be quite proud of what I have already accomplished. In case you were wondering why I’ve only explained vaguely what I’m doing. It would take pages and pages to properly describe what exactly I’m doing and then it would be a novel not a blog. So forgive me these snippets will have to do.
Back to topic. Basically I like the task I have been given even though it’s very hard for me. But hey I wanted to learn something new and this is exactly what I got :). The colleagues are also very nice and helpful. Everyone when introducing themselves offered to help me with anything and with all of them I had the feeling it was genuine. And when I do ask them something they really do help me.
All in all it was a good choice to start at this company and I’m looking forward to learning more and being able to actually contribute something.

Comic Books are not for everyone :(

Hey everyone.

I’ve been neglecting the blogging for some weeks now. It was quite busy. I quit my old job so I had to do a lot of bureaucratic stuff before I left. Also I had to get some more papers for the new Job. The rest of the time I spent pretty much relaxing nonstop. Seeing as this is the first holiday I’m taking this year I think I’ve earned it as well. Still I feel odd neglecting all my social networks and community sites. But I have done some reading which I didn’t have the time to before anymore which brings me to the topic at hand.
A while back I thought well since I am a nerd/geek and all I should really start reading some comic books. I read some as a child, like Tintin or Asterix & Obelix and I remember I really loved reading them. I actually don’t even remember why I stopped reading them or when. So I thought with all the superhero movies out and about let’s find me some marvel comic. I went on the website and there they have a nice intro to help first time readers to choose the right comic book. So I clicked through that and decided on Iron Man comics. I liked the movies, I like the universe so how could I not buy it. Went on Amazon and orderedย  three Invincible Iron Man Collections which contain Invincible Iron Man #1 through #19.
Guys I tried, I really tried reading and enjoying them, but I’ve never been so frustrated in my life. It took me about 2 months in total to read the first book and actual reading time was at least 2 days. Normally I read a Pocket book of 300 pages in 3.5 hours. I knew obviously that in a comic book there are mostly pictures and much less text. What I didn’t know was that it would annoy me so much. I really really really really really hate pictures apparently. Pictures literally say more than a thousand words and my brain just can’t handle it. I found myself rereading entire pages just because I forgot once I flipped the page over. Needless to say I only picked up the first comic book. The other two are still lying around and taunting me.
This totally sucks because I did like the story once I had finished the book. It just took all of my concentration and willpower to get to that stage and reading wasn’t the usual relaxing activity. It felt more like cleaning the toilet or plucking hair out of the shower drain. Something that needs to be done but is just disgusting. I don’t even know why it was so difficult for me. Maybe I have gotten so used to just using my imagination when I read something that this was just too overwhelming for me. Yes it did feel like an inner battle between what I imagined the scene would look like and what it looked like painted on the pages.
I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to finish the other two books. Perhaps it was just the wrong comic book choice for me but honestly I don’t want to try another one and be just as frustrated all over again.
Do you have any suggestions for me? Have you ever experiences something like this? I am open to any suggestions or comments. I’m just glad though that I got this off my chest now. It’s been eating at me for some time now. I feel like I’m not a proper geek. Even though I know I am in my own way.(And yes I know I try to deny I am a geek every time the subject comes up IRL;) I do know I am one)
Anyhow leave your comments I’m interested in reading them.
Thanks for letting me rant!

My new Addiction ;) – GW2

Hey everyone.
Two weeks ago Guild Wars 2 was released. I pre-purchased it. On the 25th of September 2012 I started playing it. I don’t know if the world has moved forward since, I’ve been doing nothing than go to work, eat, play Guild Wars 2 and sometimes sleep in between. But even when sleeping I’m dreaming of GW2.
Some time ago I already wrote a blog post about how I have difficulty figuring out which character to create and play as my main. Well I still haven’t figured it out and am instead playing 4 characters ๐Ÿ˜€ – Yes I am a crazy person, no you may not say it to me. Well to be fair I’m only really playing 3 of them as I just don’t have the time for my beloved Mesmer. Her time will come though!

So right now I’m playing a Metrosexual Guardian called I An Guard.
He is if you will my Main because he’s just the farthest along but that could change pretty quickly as well. I’ve played him to lvl 40 now and am annoying my friends with constantly dying his armor in very feminine colours. I think it’s just funny to run around in such nice colours and I really think he looks pretty which is why I’m going to keep doing it.

I haven’t really figured out yet how I want to play him. If I want to be the supporter or jump in and just kill. Yesterday we were doing our first dungeon and I had to switch between being the supporter/protter and the next minute tanking and even the next just trying to put out as much damage as possible. It was fun and challenging but I don’t think I can keep up being kind of both and adapting to the situation that much. I think I’m going to focus on just one of the possibilities I could play a Guardian and then stick with it. Just need to figure out which.

Until I figure that out I’m just going to enjoy the beautiful world that GW2 presents. I’m going to explore that world and participate in the events that happen all around me. And I’ll be constantly distracted by something new I just found on the map. Right now it’s going a little like this “Ok guys let’s do that skill challenge up north…eeerr we’ve lost someone where the heck are you? Sorry I was just unlocking that Point of Interest I’ll be right there. I’m back let’s continue. Weeell while you were gone we found a Vista we’re just trying to get it and then let’s meet again.” This goes on for about an hour with several things like Waypoints, Onions ๐Ÿ˜€ Copper Ores and so forth. It’s amazing this game never get’s boring you start out doing one thing and while getting there you find so much more to do and look at. Truly gripping and fun.

MKay I’ve quite veered off topic now, as I just wanted to tell you a bit about my chars. Well then onto the next one. A purple Sylvari Nekromancer called Luna da Silva which I’m kind of loosing interest in ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Don’t have a nice screen now so I’m leaving that out. If I continue playing her I’ll include her again in another blog post. I’ve leveled her to 15 and I quite like the Sylvari. I just don’t like their starting area. It’s giving me a headache with all the different levels and it makes unlocking Vistas and POIs veeerrry annoying to someone with zero sense of direction and a compulsion to unlock all of those :S As one of the guys I’m playing with put it “You’re a sucker for punishment” I like to call it perfectionism, hahaha. Let’s see if I play her again or if I instead decide to finally take out my Mesmer and adventure with her. Or both play her and the Mesmer ๐Ÿ˜‰

The last char I’ve created is a Norn Elementalist called Pebbles Rupples(Rubble was already taken and I don’t know how the s got there:)) and is a man. Why? Because my friend and I decided we should create chars which only the 2 of us together would play. Since we go crazy when playing online games, and are usually giggling maniacally we decided to switch it up a little. She created a female Ranger called Bammbamm and I a male Ele called Pebbles. This character is almost getting me to RP ๐Ÿ˜€ which I never expected I would actually do.
Here’s the 2 lovebirds hanging out together. They are now level 10 and hoping to soon go on their 3rd Date.

Hmm while writing this I think I’ve figured out that Guard is my Main char ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess I’ve known this already but didn’t really want to accept it as I usually don’t play heavy armor type dudes. I guess there’s a first time for everything. It speaks for the game though that it got me addicted playing it with a class type I usually hate while still being brand new and for sure still quite buggy. GW2 is still in process of fixing some bugs but they are really doing an excellent job of it. If I compare it to SW:TOR the last game I played Guild Wars wins all the way.

If you’re not playing it yet you should! Please don’t ask me to explain how it’s played or how the story goes. I can’t put all the amazingness in writing. It needs to be experienced.
This blog post is getting a little long so I’m going to stop here. I anyway have to get back to playing *withdrawal*

A fresh start!

Hey everyone. In my first ever blog post I let it slip that I am currently unhappy with my job. That’s why I decided to go look for another place to work. So today a month ago I started polishing and updating my CV. At the same time I looked at job sites online what was out there in IT at the moment. I am not a programmer, I learned how to do it in school but I never really loved it and am therefore no good at it. So I had to find a job which is more Management of IT Services. Which is quite tough if you’re as young as me as I’m just missing a lot of experience. Anyway I looked and right away one employment ad stuck out. It was close by, I have a friend who works at the company and the job description was pretty interesting. So I wrote an application letter and sent it on its way. Just a day later I got a call, they wanted to have me over for an interview. We settled on a time and date, and then I became nervous. It was pretty much the first real job interview I was ever invited to. The first time was while I was still in school no one was expecting that I knew anything and I was just applying for an internship. I got offered a permanent job there after my internship so no interview necessary there. Where I am now I also didn’t really have to interview as my friend recommended me and I just had coffee with my future boss and I got the job.
Now I really had to prove myself. Present myself in the best light and I had no idea how. So I got online checked their website. Asked my friend what he does in his job. Asked him about the people I was going to meet in the interview. It really helped prepare me, or so I thought. On the day of the interview I felt sick to my stomach, I had a headache and I was shaking like a mad woman. I probably never looked worse in my life. I arrived early to the interview. Arriving early is good, being there a half hour too early is BAD. Reeeaaalllly BAD. I got even more nervous to the point of wanting to vomit. Then the interview began. Let me tell you it was the worst hour of my life. I was quizzed and poked to an extent where my answers would only be “eerrr, I don’t know. Sorry never heard of that. Yes I remember learning that in school however I have no idea anymore what it means” :-O Never have I felt so stupid in my life. You know usually when you’re not up to date on some topics you can still claim to know a little about it or redirect the attention to something else. Nope not this time. I thought, wow if you hire me you couldn’t possibly do any worse. In the middle of the interview suddenly the interviewer started smiling and said: “Ok I’ll stop being mean to you now. I just wanted to see how you’d react to uncomfortable questions.” I wanted to sink in a hole and die. On the one hand I was relieved that the torture was over and we now could talk about the actual job, on the other I was thinking about each of my reactions and whether they were good or bad. So of course I still felt awful. That’s why I wrote earlier the entire hour was dreadful.
After the interview was done I didn’t even want to ask how I’d done or what would happen next, I did anyway. He said if I’m still interested in the job options we had just discussed I should call and make another appointment. I told him right away I want another appointment(I mean seriously, if he offered it after the awful conversation we had just had who am I to decline), so he said he would arrange it. Two days ago I had the second interview. This time 2 people were interviewing me. The one that wasn’t there the last time luckily was just as nervous as me so that helped me a little. Also it only took about 20 minutes. That time it wasn’t an interrogation and it really was about the expectations they had for this job. I was able to answer much better to their questions and even asked some myself. Still I wasn’t sure whether I got the job or not. Well right the next day I got a phone call that I had it ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ The only thing still open was when I could start. We discussed that right there on the phone.

Right now I am the happiest person alive. I got the first job I applied to. I survived that interview so if I ever should be in that situation again I know I can handle it. Most of all, once I have signed that paperwork I will quit my current job and finally be done with all that old shit. In 3 months I will start a new job. It will be at a new company with loads to learn, a lot of new people to meet and I am excited!

Bikini figure here I come!!

Hey everyone. In my first post ever I mentioned that I want to make some serious changes in my life. One of them was to lose weight to get back to a normal healthy level.
This is my first progress report of sorts. I’ve been doing metabolic balance for one and a half months now and have lost 8 kg in this time. For those of you unfamiliar with kg it’s almost 18 lbs. I was able to do this by sticking to my meal plan from metabolic. The plan basically contains foods I am allowed to eat based on my blood work and allergies I have. Normally you’re supposed to eat 3 meals a day. In between meals a minimum of 5 hours should pass where you’re only allowed to drink water. Each meal is composed of one part protein(Chicken, Fish, Eggs, all sorts of beans or tofu), one part vegetables and optionally rye bread. Also as dessert fruit can be eaten, one apple a day is a must as well. When having a meal always take a bite of the protein first, and don’t mix protein types during a meal.

I’ll be honest I didn’t stick to the plan 100% as sometimes I wasn’t in the mood to eat 3 times a day but more often or less, but I pretty much stuck to the food items on the list. Sometimes I also mixed meat and cheese. But apparently that doesn’t matter too much as it still worked pretty well. The plan also tells me how much of food I should eat each meal but I left out the weighing part and just ate until I was full. Usually that meant a little more than the amount of grams stated. Part of the metabolic balance program is also to sometimes eat a “cheat” meal. Eat foods that are unhealthy or that aren’t on your food list in moderation so as to prevent cravings. Since I am planning to go through with this dietary change for some months I decided for myself not to be too strict on myself as to not be disappointed and discouraged should I deviate too much. And I must say it worked quite well. I am now eating only allowed foods during the week and weekends are there to splurge.
I feel really good about myself and the progress I’m making. I tried this diet once before but I was very strict with myself in the beginning and had a similar progress but when I started with the cheating meals I overdid it and never returned to the plan. That’s why I’m doing it a little differently now.
Starting next week I will also join a gym to start some physical activity next to the dietary changes. After all I don’t want to lose muscles(if I have any) but fat ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope I’ll continue to be this disciplined since my plan is to reach a bikini figure by mid next year. Well I could wear one now, but that would make me and everyone else uncomfortable ๐Ÿ˜€
Well that’s it for now. Once I made some more noticeable progress I’ll post an update right here ๐Ÿ™‚

What a great weekend!

Hey everyone. This weekend was one of the best in the past couple of weeks. Not only did I get a lot done, well a lot compared to other weekends :P. There were also two major events happening which I genuinely enjoyed.

First the meteor shower. I believe this year the Perseids are active from July 23rd to August 22nd this year. Their peak visibility was from August 11th to the 12th. As it so happens I didn’t forget this year so punctually on Saturday night I was out on my balcony hoping to catch a glimpse. My hopes weren’t very high as I live in the city. So a lot of lights which makes stargazing not a great pastime and my balcony doesn’t face the optimal way to watch the shower. I was very lucky though and saw three shooting stars in the first half hour ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not going to tell you what I wished for because that would defeat the purpose. Anyway as I got so lucky I didn’t mind that it got too cold for me to stay outside after about an hour. I went to bed happy because I was able to witness something so beautiful.

Secondly the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London on Sunday night. It had everything it needed to be an absolute success. Great music, I even jumped up in between and started dancing! Great Performances, I was awestruck by the Dancers and Gymnasts and the smooth transitions between the different acts! And the light bulbs helped me to a good laugh ๐Ÿ˜‰ I watched it via live stream while following Twitter as well and really enjoyed my Sunday evening. The perfect ending to a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

So I’m hoping Monday doesn’t ruin the relaxation immediately.
Bye ๐Ÿ™‚

Learn to say, No!

Hey everyone. Today about a more serious topic. In the last couple of months work was hell. People were let go, others left of their own accord and the Managers still expected the remaining employees to deal with an even bigger workload than ever before. For any thinking human being it’s quite obvious that this doesn’t work. At least not permanently. Under this new pressure high, stress levels of everyone here at work have sky-rocketed. With some of them it sadly let to physical and mental breakdowns. Which in turn resulted in even more work for the ones that were still afloat.
I was also greatly affected by that. At first it started with me reacting more aggressive and just being on edge all the time. It lead to self-doubt and eventually everything was just overwhelming for me. I wasn’t able to enjoy anything anymore. When I got the results of my work I nearly always was either crying or at the point of wanting to burst into tears.
Then I realized I needed to change something. No one else could help me in this situation. But what could I do? The work was there piling up. Not enough people to do it and no one really feeling the need to prioritize something.
So I did the only thing I could do. I started saying, NO! It was very difficult for me to start doing that. It sounds very selfish and it is kind of rude. Well it is selfish, I don’t want to suffer from depression and perhaps worse because of a job. Yes I started being selfish, and that is a good thing. And you know what? People can prioritize when forced to :).
Work is still very stressful and I sometimes just want to crawl in bed and hear and see nothing. But it’s not like that every day anymore. I can enjoy the sunshine again, I don’t dream of my work at night. I can go and enjoy my weekends with my friends doing whatever I want without thinking about work.
There’s still a lot to be done before I am my old self again, it’s getting there. The first step was that I learned to say no. So should you.

I can’t tell you to what situations this can be applied. I don’t know if it will help you. All I know is being a little more selfish helped me. If anyone is going through something similar, I hope you can stand up for yourself.

Drivers who won their license at a fair

Hey everyone.
Today on my way to work as usual I took the Autobahn from my city to my workplace. As usual there were a couple of idiots on the road who are terrible drivers and hold up everyone. I cursed a lot and said nasty things about the state of their minds. But when the Trucks started overtaking cars I knew there were exceptionally incapable drivers on the road.
To clarify on German Autobahns only vehicles that are able to drive faster than 60km/h are allowed to use them. Ergo one would expect them to drive at least that or better drive as fast as the speed limit or if there is no limit at least drive as fast as the advisory speed limit which is 130 km/h. Trucks have to maintain a speed limit of 80 km/h at all times. One of the trucks today had this written on the back “Ohne mich wรคre die Autobahn so schรถn leer. Aber ihr Kรผhlschrank auch!”. It basically means without me the Autobahn would be empty but so would your fridge. Which made me even more mad at the cars that were driving slower than the trucks.

So the Autobahn I was on switches between speed limits of 80 km/h and 100 km/h. I admit I usually drive a bit faster than the limit but I do not get angry at people who stick to the rules, I admire them for their self control. I get angry and frustrated when someone sits in their car with their hat on and drives fucking 65 km/h in rush hour on the left lane when there is absolutely no reason to. To clarify again we also have a rule where you have to drive on the right lane unless you want to overtake someone and actually are able to overtake that vehicle.
I thought everyone operating a car has a driver’s license. In order to get a license here you have to invest a lot of time and money for all the courses and tests. Still at least a third of those on the road seem to have forgotten all rules whatsoever and are hindering the rest of us to have a calm trip on the Autobahn. It seems as though there is a place that gives out drivers licenses to just about anyone.
Perhaps the solution is to introduce regular refresher courses and tests to weed out the ones that just shouldn’t be steering anything. I think anyone would benefit from such regular trainings. Be it the young inexperienced drivers, or the ones that have been driving for years and have simply forgotten some things or even the ones like me who like to drive always a little too fast. I’m pretty sure it would help in preventing some accidents and it would certainly lead to me not arriving angry at work every single day. I hope. Kind of.
That’s it for now. Maybe I’m going to rant some more at a later time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Guild Wars 2 And The Main Char Conundrum

Hey everyone. Guild Wars 2 is about to launch this month. I was an avid player of Guild Wars ever since the campaign Factions was released. I have played all of the campaigns since including the Eye of the North expansion. It was the first computer game I really got into. It released an unknown ambition in me to actually get some titles in the game :).
When the news of a new campaign got out I was very excited and looking forward to another chapter of Guild Wars. I believe the news came in 2007 that ArenaNet was working on something new. Then the anticipation and waiting began. If you have a calendar around you, you know it’s 2012 now. That’s how long I have been waiting along with thousands of other players.
During this long wait I naturally had time to think about my characters in the new game. What class would I choose? Which race should I play? Who of my old Guild Wars pals would join me in getting to know the new world? The last question is pretty easily answered. All of them :D.
But the other two posed a problem. Why? Because it wasn’t clear the entire time what classes and races would be playable. In GW only the human race was playable and 6 core classes. With every new campaign another 2 classes were added so 10 in total. The core professions are Warrior, Monk, Elementalist, Ranger, Necromancer and Mesmer. In GW:Factions the Assassin and the Ritualist were added. GW:Nightfall introduced the Paragon and Dervish. ArenaNet made it clear however that not all of them would remain in GW2.
I have played with my Mesmer Char from Day 1. I tried out Necro, Warrior, Monk and Ele but I sucked at it. It wasn’t the professions but my attitude at that time. I never chose to play online games but I was kind of edged into it. So I only played for the pretty colors the skills made when casting them. Since the Mesmer skills were all purple and pretty that’s what I stuck with. In the last 6 years while playing my Mesmer I found a style of playing which I’m pretty good at and my Mesmer is effective with her build. So I thought OK in GW2 they HAVE to have a Mesmer and I will play that as my main. I would still try out other classes but I’ll stick with my Mesmer.

Earlier this year there were several beta events for players who pre-purchased the Game. I was one of them. In the first event the available races were Human, Norn and Charr, in the final game the Asura and Sylvari will be playable as well. The classes that will be in GW2 are Elementalist, Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, Guardian, Thief, Engineer and thank God the Mesmer. I wanted to save the Mesmer for the final game. I didn’t want to spoil the experience with a perhaps buggy Beta. So I chose a Human Necro. I shouldn’t have!
I enjoyed playing the Necro so much it made me question whether I even wanted to try the Mesmer out. Yes it was quite a shock to me. It tore me up! I tried an Elementalist as well but couldn’t find my rhythm so I’ll not be playing that. The Warrior class never appeals to me so that’s also quickly out of the question. Ranger is also not for me I feel I have to be one with nature to play one and I am just not. The Thief and Engineer also do not at all interest me. But then there was still the Guardian. I promised myself, I WILL NOT TRY IT OUT. As you correctly guessed I did not hold fast to that promise and tried it out in the latest beta event last week. I created a little Asura Guardian since I also wanted to try out the other races. Aaand I loved playing it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Instead of being happy that I enjoyed the game so much I was frustrated because now I didn’t know at all what to play in the final game.
I was now at the point where I had tried out the Norn, Sylvari, Asura and Human in different combinations with Necro and Guardian. I didn’t touch the Mesmer as I still believed I would play it in the final game. Then I made the next mistake to ask a friend of mine how he liked the gameplay of the Mesmer. He couldn’t get out of gushing about it, but dropped the sentence “It’s so totally different from the Mesmer in GW1”. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ this is however exactly what I loved about the class. The Interrupts, the denials, my enemy had to make the decision use a skill and die or don’t use a skill and still die. All of that GONE. I don’t even know if I want to play the Mesmer anymore but I can’t just drop my favourite class of all games I have ever played.

So now I’m here not knowing what to play as I can’t play 3 characters at the same time since I have a job and I still like to do other thinks in my free time. I know I want to play a Sylvari an Asura and a Human and I want to play the Necro, the Guardian and I just have to try the Mesmer. Which combination should I choose? And which of those will be my Main Char?

I don’t know. *FirstWorldProblems* but it still bugs me. If you have any idea or suggestion for me please leave it in the comments.

Thanks for reading.
Hope 2 C U soon